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Urology Medications

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When your choice for treating erectile dysfunction is a compounded medication, turn to Wedgewood Pharmacy.

When your patients depend on compounded medications as part of their therapies, you can rely on us to provide more choices, consistency, quality, value, convenience, and world-class customer care. We provide compounded medications for urologic use in dosage forms that include injections, solutions, and capsules.

If you don't see the compounded preparation your patient needs below, use our powerful search engine above or call 877-357-6613 for a formulation consultation with one of our specialized pharmacists.

Feel confident in the consistency of our compounded ED formulations.

Some of the erectile dysfunction medications we compound contain a concentrated Prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) solution. To ensure the consistency from batch to batch, and prescription to prescription, we send-out each batch of PGE1 concentrate for independent HPLC potency-testing. The actual concentration is recorded, and each ED formula is adjusted according to the concentration of the PGE1 concentrate. While some variation is expected, and acceptable, this testing process helps to minimize the variation. Less variation means more consistent results for your patients and less risk of adverse side-effects.

Erectile Dysfunction medications in our formulary


May Be Prescribed for Erectile Dysfunction


Prostaglandin E1 Injection Solution
  • 20ug, 40ug
Papaverine/Phentolamine Injection Solution
  • Papaverine HCl 30mg/ml
  • Phentolamine Mesylate 1mg/ml
Tri-Mix Standard (PPP) Injection Solution
  • Prostaglandin E1 5.88ug/ml
  • Papaverine HCl 18mg/ml
  • Phentolamine Mesylate 0.6mg/ml
Tri-Mix (PPP) 10-30-1 Injection Solution
  • Prostaglandin E1 10ug/ml
  • Papaverine HCl 30mg/ml
  • Phentolamine Mesylate 1mg/ml  
Tri-Mix Double Strength (PPP) Injection Solution
  • Prostaglandin E1 11.8ug/ml
  • Papaverine HCl 18mg/ml
  • Phentolamine Mesylate 0.6mg/ml