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Prescribers turn to us when ...

  • A medication is available only in compounded form;
  • A patient is allergic to an ingredient in a manufactured medication;
  • A patient needs a medication in a different form or flavor than commercially available drugs;
  • A drug has been removed from the market for non-safety-related reasons;
  • A drug is not available because of a manufacturing backorder or shortage.
  • When quality, value, choice and world-class customer care matter, prescribers and their patients trust Wedgewood Pharmacy to deliver. More than 30,000 prescribers across the nation look to us for custom medicine.

Facts About Compounding

Millions of Americans have unique healthcare needs that off-the-shelf prescription medications cannot meet.

FAQs – Healthcare Professionals

Frequently Asked Questions for Healthcare Professionals

FAQs – Patients & Care Givers

Frequently Asked Questions for Patients & Care Givers